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    Ways to Earn Some Extra Money from Your Home

    I know the first the question that will come into your mind when you will read the title will be that is it
    really legit to make money from home-based job? If you are thinking the same then this is because that
    you would have heard people losing their money on these job or you will have tried for a job but failed
    to be get paid. So here in this article I will tell you about methods from which you can make some easy
    and quick cash by sitting at your home. These jobs can be full time or part time and it is up to you to
    choose what to do. Earning cash from home is easy and you will save much by that. So starting by the
    first method,
    1- Virtual Assistant
    Time is money, some save their time instead of money and some save their money instead of time
    according to their preferences. So people hire virtual assistant to do tasks on their behalf. You can assist
    someone online by managing their websites, their social media posts and posting on their behalf on
    their websites. Many people do not have the time to manage their websites and social media account or
    sometime need some help in their tasks so they hire virtual assistant. These virtual assistant has to post
    content on the website, answer emails or social media accounts and can earn much from that.

    2- Graphic Designing
    You can become a good graphic designer and could earn from your home if you can design logos,
    clothes or graphics. There are websites like 99designs and Cafepress which have plenty of graphic
    designing jobs available and in order to avail one you have to make a profile at their website and you
    can then get jobs on these website. You have to make your portfolio strong by doing some quality work
    in order to earn some good cash.

    3- Website Designing
    If you have a potential of designing some good business website that will attract the customers toward
    it then you can easily earn hundreds of dollars a month. You can start website designing by making your
    own website and putting that in your portfolio. Due to the excess of e-Trade people around the globe
    are shifting their businesses online and for that they need a beautiful website that can attract costumers
    effectively. So you can start by making an account on Fiver on Upwork and can get a lot of jobs there.

    4- Freelancing
    You can become a freelance writer if you can write easily the only thing you need to know to start earing
    as a freelancer is that you should have the knowledge of the topic you are going to write. Yeah it is also
    important that you should write in a way that the people could understand the reason of your writing.
    Websites are continuously looking for good content writers and you can become by taking a start by
    doing some blogging and making a profile at Fiver.com and you can also get work by biding on
    assignments on Upwork. These websites can help you to create a profile in content writing business and
    you will be amazed to know that many of the good content writers around the globe earn in 6 figures
    around the year.

    5- Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing is a process that will take your time and will test your patience and then it will reward
    you. If you already own a website and use it for some purpose then this is quite easy but starting a new
    website will take your time and hard work. You can earn by affiliating with brands and stores and every
    time a sale is made you will earn your commission. Although affiliate marketing cannot give you direct
    income but it can be a good source for your passive income.

    6- Sell online courses
    If you have a specific field in which you are expert and if you have any knowledge that you can teach to
    someone else than you can make this a passive income source. You will have to create video lecture or
    you will have to make Ebooks. After that you can sell your online course on websites like Udemy,
    Teachable and Thinkific or you can make your own website to sell. You will earn every time a person
    buys your course and in order to earn more you should put some tutorials on your websites and
    YouTube and do some marketing.

    7- Proofreader
    Many writers, lawyers and business need a proofreader to read their documents thoroughly this is
    because they do not want any mistakes of grammar and typing mistakes in their documents and in legal
    documents it can cost much to a person so they tend to hire a proofreader so if you have a good
    grammar and a good habit of reading then you can earn from that and make a living.

    8-Become an Audio Transcriber
    You can be paid by hours if you step in to this field. You can earn a high amount of cash every month if
    you are an expert at transcribing audio calls. You can work according to your need and in your
    convenience time and you can also do full time work if you want. People want a transcriber for legal and
    medical purposes.

    9- CSR
    You can become a customer services representative (CSR) and work from home. Businesses around the
    globe are switching from full time customer representative to people who can work from home because
    this cost them much less than traditional employs. This job can be seasonal because many online stores
    like Amazon hire people for their convenience in the season peak time. You can also get a full time job
    too. For this job you need a good internet connection and a telephone. You should make your home a
    place where you could work easily in order to earn some good cash.

    10- Test websites
    There are many companies and businesses that give a lot of importance to people’s feedback and even
    pay people for testing products this is the same with website. You can take a start from website like
    UserTesting where you will get websites to test and you will be paid for testing these websites.

    11- Teach a Language you know
    You can teach a language on websites like Verbal Planet and set your hourly rates according to your
    knowledge and will to teach through Skype. Those people who want to apply for citizenship need to
    learn the native language so you can teach them or you can also teach other people any foreign
    language you know and earn some good cash.

    12- Do Surveys
    If you want to earn in your spare time without any commitment of time according to your schedule then
    you can earn by doing surveys online. You can take a start from websites like Survey Junkie and earn a
    good amount. You get points for the surveys you answer and then you can redeem those points in to
    cash or gift cards. You can earn more on these website if you stay active and are selected in focus

    groups. Other websites like SwagBucks pay you for doing surveys, playing games and shopping online.
    These websites cannot make you a living but you can earn some extra cash throughout the month from
    these websites.

    So here were some methods from that you can earn by sitting at your home. As the internet has made
    life easy for people you should avail that and earn through it although it seems new to some people but
    many have made their lives by earning money online. So you should better try these options for earning
    some good amount of cash every month. Do comment in the comment section below and also share
    your experience of making money online from these methods, Best of luck and have a good day!

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    Ideas that will earn you Passive Income

    Are you tired of your job that only pays you a fixed amount every month? And after years of hard work
    in the company the only success you will get is some dollars bonus. If this is so then it is the time for you
    to think about passive income. Passive income can amazingly change your amount of income in years
    and you can live a completely changed life. One of the best part of passive income is that you can easily
    focus on your life goals and you do not have to worry about your source of income. Most of the people
    think that earning passive income is not legit, that is completely a myth it only take some hard work in
    the start and patience then you can easily start earning from a passive income source. One thing you
    need to be very clear in your mind is that these income sources will take your time and money and you
    do not have to worry about the investment as it will pay off well.

    One more thing you need to know if you do not have the idea that what is this passive income. It is
    basically a source of income in which you have to invest in the start or work a lot in the start and after
    the initial work is done you can earn income from it gradually and after the initial stage the only work
    you have to do is a bit of maintenance and sometimes you do not even have to do the maintain ace. So
    passive income basically means a process that demands a lot of work or investment in the start and then
    you can sit back and earn from it. Passive income has many benefits like you do not have to worry about
    the retirement and you can have multiple sources of incomes. Passive income gives you comfort so that
    you can enjoy your time you can have time for your family and yourself. If you are job holder than you
    must think about converting to passive income sources as you do not know for how long you are in the
    company and there is a very less chance of earning more than you want.
    So here in this article I have put together some of the best ideas for you that will help you to start
    earning your passive income. So starting from the 1 st.

    1-Affiliate Marketing
    One of the easiest way to earn passive income is affiliate marketing and this a source from which you
    can earn while you are on vacations and even while you are sleeping. So if you want to be affiliate you
    need to have some internet knowledge. As an Affiliate marketer you have to promote products made by
    other business from your website, social media account or blog. You are given a link by the
    manufacturer and all the sale made from that link earns you a commission. So by some extra marketing
    and promotion of your content you can earn thousands of dollars. As it is the easiest because you do not
    have to manufacture products and ship them all of this is up to the business whose products you are
    promoting. Let me give you an example of affiliate marketing, suppose you link up with Amazon and
    promote and sale the products of Amazon from your website as when a purchase will be made you will
    earn your commission or reward.

    2- High Yield Savings account
    This type of passive income is the easiest type of income that you can avail. If you have money in your
    account then this is the easiest way to earn passive income. If you have put your money in accounts
    where you are getting very low rates then you are not doing it right because there are banks and
    companies that are giving high interest rates than yours and you just have to search a bit. For a free

    advice you can use Betterment as an option for your investment, you can get 1.85% interest rates in the
    start on your money. There is no better place than Betterment for investment as you can use this app
    for many functions and can get the highest interest rates and to sign up and get started it is very easy.
    So you can even start with a little amount of $10.

    3- Rent your property
    Renting your property is that type of passive income source that takes a little hard work in the start and
    after that it becomes a smooth and steady flow of cash every month. If you have some houses and flats
    then you can just sit back and earn for life and you can sell your assets after a long time with more
    profit. If you want to earn more from your assets you should put some money in maintenance.

    4- Renting you room
    You can earn from renting even if you do not property assets. You can even rent a room or even a bed in
    your house and earn from it. You can rent your spare rooms in your house and even hire roommates to
    earn you a passive income every month. This would not make you rich but it can be a good side income
    source that will boost your income to some extent. You can also use AirBnb for this purpose as you will
    get paid guest, visitors around the world use AirBnb for cheap rooms and bed. You can charge according
    to the area and the season.

    5- Blogging
    So here is an idea that needs a lot of hard work and patience to earn. Blogging demands a lot of hard
    work and knowledge about what you are writing. Many successful bloggers around the world earn
    thousands of dollars every year. Starting a blog is not quite easy and you need to know about writing
    before you start. As to make blogging more profitable you can start affiliate marketing from your blog.

    6-Start your Business online
    Doing online business is not much difficult as it is to work in the local market. You can start with zero
    and can earn hundreds of dollars monthly. The pathway is simple you just need to make an online store
    and do a lot of marketing. You would be thinking of what to sell and how to deliver? The answer to this
    is quite simple that you do not need your own products to be sold out every time you can sell others
    products. You can contact manufacturers for selling and promoting their products and ask them to
    deliver the product by their own as many companies do so. So you would only have to promote your
    store and influence people to buy product from your website and you would then easily earn passive

    7- Writing a book
    Writing a book is not as easy as you would have thought but it can turn out to be a good source of
    passive income for years as you publish your book. You need a knowledge to write good that attracts
    people towards you. Once you complete writing you need to publish your book and every copy of your
    book being sold will give you your commission. As this could be turned out to become a passive source
    of income for years to come. Many successful writers earn $100,000 per year.

    8- Creating an online course
    Creating a course is same like writing but this time you need all your work to be done on the computer.
    If you are good at any specific thing like a subject, an idea or any other stuff that you can teach you can
    make an online course of it and sell it. Your online course can include E-Books, video lectures and other
    form of teaching materials. You can put your online course at website for sale as you can find many of
    them easily. You can also use Amazon for this purpose. Once you start selling your course you can start
    earning. It can turn out to be a good source of passive income and if you want to earn more and more
    you need strong marketing of your course.

    So these were some of the passive income ideas. As passive income is not so easy to earn but once you
    can take a start the road becomes easy. Some of the ideas above need time, some of them need money,
    some of them need the both and some are quite easy. It takes a lot of hard work in the start as you have
    to sacrifices your time, your sleep and your wishes sometimes but once you are on the road of passive
    income you can enjoy your life as you want. You can spend wherever you want without any issue of
    income. An idea for you is that you should start your passive income idea as a part time job. By this you
    would be able to earn more than usual.

    Drop your comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of earning from
    these ideas.

    Have a good day!